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a press conference with geir lippestad, the lawyer for anders breivik, the man of the center of the tragedy in norway. he has been talking about his client in varying detail. he talked about two cells. you may recall that anders breivik says that he may not have been acting alone and that there were two cells in norway and several abroad. he did say that the man said he is sorry that he had to do this, but it was necessary to start a revolution. he did respond to questions about whether there was any association with some right-wing parties. he responded in the affirmative, but not a lot of information coming out from geir lippestad. he is the lawyer for anders breivik. welcome to gmt. earlier, the country's justice minister praised the work done by police after the bomb attack in the capital and the shootings. there has been criticism of the time it took police to get to the island where anders breivik had opened fire on people at the youth camp. a people were killed on the island and another eight in the bomb attack. across the country, thousands took part in rallies to rem
the anders breivik -- that anders breivik acted on his own. >> the foreign minister of norway arrives one day before the massacre. there's a holiday atmosphere among the young labour party leaders. the talk is of how to bring peace to countries wracked by conflict. >> [speaking foreign language] >> he says, "first of all, we will have a discussion about the middle east, a panel, lunch, and hopefully a game of football." one day later, all plans were interrupted. these are some of the victim's cut down in their prime. he is a military priest. he's used to comforting others. this time, the loss of his own 23-year-old son he is struggling to come to terms with. >> [speaking foreign language] >> i have not thought for a second about forgiveness for the person who did this, but i am determined not to let hatred prevail. it would destroy my life and the lives of my friends and then he will win. >> more details are emerging of anders breivik's meticulous planning. moments before his bomb exploded in oslo, he sent an e-mail to 1000 recipients across western europe. he sent eight european declaration
insane? so far, it appears that way. that is what the lawyer for anders breivik says about his client. >> the see of flowers continues to swell. norwegians are still trying to come to terms with their loss. they are still bewildered that one man could cause such destruction. >> i don't think that there is a punishment that matches the cruelty and evil of this man. it is up to the courts to decide. >> this is anders breivik leaving his closed door hearing. he confesses to the killing but he does not consider himself guilty of a crime. his lawyer thinks he is insane. >> he believes that he is in a war. he believes that when you are in war, you can do things like that without being guilty. >> police are combing this farm where anders breivik is believed to have planned his attacks. the government has defended the country's security services. they have been criticized after breivik was flagged for monitoring after he bought chemicals that could have been used in a bomb. people in norway are not looking for someone to blame, there still in mourning. >> we spoke to our correspondent in oslo
and an hour later nearly 100 people were dead on an island north of oslo. the attorney for anders breivik is looking into the document he published online. sherrie johnson is here with details we learned overnight. >> reporter: all new this morning, we have learned that royal court says crown princess merit stepbrother way as mong those killed. we learned that french police are raiding the house of the father of anders breivik who has his first court date today. he is charged with a car bombing friday that killed 7 people and savage shooting spree at the youth camp where the dead are being counted. under 100 people were killed but the number is expected to rise because there's some missing. hours before the attack, he posted a political manifesto online talking about muslim immigration to europe and urges cult ram conservatives to embrace martyr dom and confessed to the attacks and survivors are dazed by the brush with death. >> i could feel the warmth from the barrel when he pulled the trigger. >> in his head, they were necessary. >> reporter: now police in norway say anders breivik had
to the streets in a show of national unity after the weekend's massacre. behind closed doors, anders breivik admitted to carrying out the attack, but pleaded not guilty to murder. he claims to have had links to two other underground cells. norway's mass killings headed to court. anders breivik, wearing a dark red top, sat next to police officers. outside the courthouse, crowds had gathered. fiercely opposed to him using his court appearance as a platform for his views, as he himself wanted. >> do not give him attention. the doors will be closed. this will not be an open hearing. this is what he wants, and i do not see why we should let him have his way. >> breivik had asked police if he could wear a black uniform to court, but they said no. lines formed to go inside the courtroom, but the police opposed an open hearing, fearful he would use it to send signals to others. and the judge agreed it should be a closed session. in court, he was told he would be held in solitary confinement for four weeks, no visitors, no letters, no newspapers, and his next court appearance would be in eight weeks'
in norway last friday. anders breivik wanted to trigger an anti-muslim revolution. he will be arraigned today. >>> chinese media says a two- year-old girl was pulled alive from the wreckage of two trains that collided in eastern china. she was rescued 21 hours after the accident had no apparent injuries. 35 people died in the crash. >>> an abc 7 news exclusive. pour the first time the hotel maid who brought down one of the most powerful lmen is speaking out. and the last few weeks some of cast doubt on her sexual assault allegations, but she maintains that she was victimized. now more. >> this is the first time we are seeing her face. nafissatou diallo is the woman we came to know as the hotel maid who accused dominique strauss-kahn of attempted rape. she has an exclusive interview with a, robin roberts. she said she never wanted to be in public but that she had no choice that she has to do this yourself, to tell the truth says. she wants the justice and wants him to go to jail. she wanted to know there are some places that he cannot use his money or power when he does something like th
that belongs to the father of a man who confessed to killing more than 90 people in norway. r anders breivik is asking for an open hearing hours from now. he released a manifesto before the attacks. >> and nation grieving in the wake of two attacks claimed nearly 100 lives. a bomb blast on friday rocked government headquarters in oslo, killing several people. later that day the 32-year-old anders breivik described as a policeman -- was disguised as a policeman was in action. authorities are searching for the missing. people brought flowers to the no way embassy in the u.s. >> this is a total shock. >> before the attack the suspected far right-wing fanatic posted an on-line 1500 page manifesto and provided a link to a chilling video. in his manifesto copy ranted against multiculturalism, political correctness, and what he considers the islamic colonization of europe. "operating as a jury, judge and executioner on behalf of all for europeans." he continued to say "once you decide to strike, it is better to kill too many than not enough." the royal court in no way this morning says one of the v
to his lawyer. anders breivik is due to be arraigned today. this as a shaken nation mourns the 93 victims who died. emma murphy from our english broadcast partner itv reports. >> reporter: in a country struggling to comprehend the events of the past days, there are few rituals to bring comfort. but hour after hour in the driving rain, the people of norway have lit candles and laid flowers in memory of their dead. they seek solace together, but it is a terrible shared pain. some of those who were injured in the ireland attack joined with norway's king and queen at services to try and understand the massacre brought on this country. it was the worst peacetime attack norway has ever seen. prime minister stoltenberg whose friends have lost children struggled to contain his obvious distress. on the verge of tears, he told a stunned nation, every single one of those we have lost is a tragedy in itself. together, it is a national tragedy. and this is the man who says he caused such heartbreak -- anders behring breivik, a right wing extremist who admits the youth camp and the oslo bombing. that b
says in all likelihood, his client is insane. but he says anders breivik may reject an insanity plea. breivik told his lawyer he used drugs to keep strong and awake during the killing spree. the norwegian has confessed to the mass murders saying he wanted to save europe from muslim immigration. >> he believes that he is in a war. and he believes that when you are in war, you can do things like that. >> reporter: the lawyer says he doesn't know breivik chose him. he is a member of the labor apparent the political group breivik targeted when he killed teenagers at utoya island. breivik says he was part of an anti-islamic network with two cells norway and more abroad. norwegian police are casting doubt on the claims saying they have searched for more explosives but have found nothing. tina kraus, cbs news. >>> it is one of morocco's deadliest plane crashes in years. a state news agency says 78 people were killed when the c- 130 military transport plane slammed into a mountain in rough weather. three people survived the crash. the plane was carrying 16 members of the royal armed forces,
. >>> it was a second day of grilling for anders breivik, the norwegian man who admitted to killing 77 people last week. prosecutors have appointed to psychiatrists to assess the mental health of the 32-year- old and determine if he is criminally responsible. flags flew at half mast in our way friday as the first funerals were held for the victims of the attacks. >> one week after the attacks, mourners continue to leave flowers in central oslo. the first of the funerals has been held near the capital. the ceremony included both christian and moslem prayers. this 18-year-old, the daughter of kurdish immigrants, was spending her holidays at the youth camp on the utoeya island. the prime minister urged norway to show unity in the face of its deadliest peacetime assault. the self confessed killer, 32- year-old anders breivik, has undergone further questioning. his lawyer said he had intended to carry out more attacks last friday but apparently changed his plans. the shooting rampage on at utoeya island became his final act of violence. most of the victims were teenagers. at that has been a harrowing time f
and are prepared to attack. >> reporter: anders breivik admitted at the first closed door hearing on monday that he carried out the attacks on friday. a bombing in central oslo and a shooting spree at the youth camp run by the governoring neighbor party on an island. at a news conference after the hearing, the judge says the suspect aimed to save europe from the muslim takeover and deal a blow to the governing labor party. n >> i think the whole nation and the whole world think he's done something wrong. and nothing can justify it. >> reporter: an investigation will mainly focus on whether anders breivik acted alone or if he had help. investigators searched the polish company where the suspect may have purchased explosive materials. the attack occurred suddenly in peaceful norway. people are hoping there will be more information as soon as possible. nhk world, from oslo. >>> japan's nuclear safety commission has called for stronger measures to protect nuclear power plants against terror attacks. on monday, the commission held a meeting with nuclear experts to approve a draft report that draws on th
. anders breivik has admitted to killings there. from oslo, the bbc's jon brain. >> at the cathedral, the floral carpet continues to grow. ivan knows one of these r tributes could have easily been for him. he came face to face with the gunman and lived. >> he started shooting around me and he got several of the guys around me and then he has to -- had to reload his gun and then i got my chance to get away and i ran into the water and i started swimming. i got my clothes soaked and started swimming. >> and was he still firing at you? >> yeah, then he reloaded his gun and started firing again. he went down to the water and shot many of the people trying to escape from there. luckily he didn't get me. i was just lucky. >> the majority of the people on the island did escape anders breivik but doesn't mean they completely avoided harm. the skithe treating the -- psychiatrist treating the victims said many are suffering. >> this is an act of a human being and this causes more stress than disasters caused by nature. >> meanwhile, the latest stage in the healing process here in oslo will co
-old iraqi kurd who came to norway in 1996. her funeral comes a week to the day after anders breivik carried out his assault. from oslo, we have this report. >> the coffin containing the body of 18-year-old bano rashid is brought out from church to be laid to rest. her family originally from iraq, mourning the loss of a daughter who had been a leading life in the muslim community here. exactly a week ago, bano rashid was shot dead along with more than 50 others attending a youth camp on the island of utoeya. she dreamt of becoming a politician. so many friends and relatives came to the funeral that hundreds had to stand outside. >> she will be missed. the youth can use her as an example to go into politics or follow their dreams because she was well on her way of becoming a perfect, perfect human being. >> and back here in oslo, it has also been a day of remembrance for those killed exactly a week ago. besides the crowds gathered here at this ever-expanding sea of flowers, there have been a number of poignant events in the city. members of the governing labour party gathered for an emotional
world takachi has this story. >> reporter: anders breivik admitted at the first closed door hearing that he carried out the two attacks on friday. a bombing in central oslo and a shooting spree at a youth camp run by the governing labor party. the court remanded breivik in custody for eight weeks. at a news conference after the hearing, the judge said the suspect aimed to save europe from a muslim takeover and to deal a blow to the governing labor party. norwegians are angered by the remarks of the man charged in the bombing in the shooting spree in their country. >> i think the whole nation and the whole world think he's done something wrong, and nothing can justify those murdering. >> reporter: an investigation will mainly focus on weather anders breivik acted alone or if he had help. investigators searched the polish company where the suspect may have purchased explosive materials. the horrific attacks occurred suddenly in peaceful norway. people are anxiously hoping that there will be more information as soon as ssible. takashi chinosai, nhk world, oslo. > ai joins us with the l
.m. in norway, where anders breivik, the man who admitted to carrying out the bomb attack and shooting spree last friday has been questioned again by police. the funerals of his victims are taking place. most of those killed were young activists. we can show you the scene of the service taking place at the labor party headquarters. political figures, including the prime minister, will pay their respects at this special memorial service. >> in other news, the clock is ticking. four days left for the american congress to work out the compromise deal on the u.s. debt limit. a vote on a republican bill to raise the debt ceiling, cut spending, and avoid a default was delayed. it will be put forward again later. here is our washington correspondent, steve kingston. >> this was along this day for john boehner, the most powerful republican on capitol hill. he had hoped to the house of representatives would back his plan to cut the deficit and raise the debt ceiling. some on his own side remain unconvinced. as night fell, the critical vote was postponed. in the senate, democrats were trying to keep a
, the police said the man responsible for the property, anders breivik, had a second round of questioning. they have not found any evidence that he is part of a network of extremists as he claims. so far, there is no sign his killing spree will deepen divisions within norwegian society. at today's funeral, christians and moslems, immigrants, and ethnic regions, side-by-side, exactly what anders breivik wanted to prevent. bbc news, norway. >> the turkish military has assigned a new chief of the armed forces. the original leader resigned along with the heads of the army. >> the country's senior military commander, seen here along side the prime minister, is the first to resign followed by the head of the country's navy, armed forces, and airforce. it is the latest in an ongoing rift in the government's armed forces. the government says the military has been plotting a coup. some say they resigned after 22 of their fellow officers were charged by the courts and of trying to undermine the government. such a power vacuum could cause alarm. the prime minister has moved quickly. his office said
was published. >>> norwegian police have finished their search for bodies on the island. anders breivik has admitted to killing 68 people. prosecutors say he will be interrogated friday. we have this report from oslo. >> at the cathedral, the floral carpet continues to grow. this person knows that one of these attributes could easily been for him. he came face-to-face with the gun man and lift. >>-- and lived,. >> he started shooting around me and he got several of the guys around me. then he had to reload his gun. then i got my chance to get away, and i ran into the water and i started swimming. i got my clothing off, kicked my boots off, and started swimming. if >> was the firing at you? >> he reloaded and started firing again. then he went to the water and shot many of the people trying to escape. luckily, he did not get made. i was just lucky. >> the majority of the people escaped anders breivik, but does that mean a completely avoided harm. psychiatrists say many are suffering. >> this is an act of human destructiveness, and that causes more stress than injuries caused by nature or oth
and ugly rhetoric fed into anders breivik who killed so many people in norway. >> let me stop you right there. that is a strong allegation, congress member. is there any indication that is the case? >> yes. if you read anders breivik's manifesto, american anti-muslim web sites and commentators were referenced, including pam geller and others known for whipping up anti-muslim hate. i cannot -- i'm not making the tie. the tie has been main by anders breivik. my second point is they are very bad people. we have to stop them from recruiting. what is the best way to do that? engagement with the somali community. engagement in building trust with the community, not vilifying and making a toxic relationship. in fact, trust building. that means police officers, like chief smith in st. paul reaching out to build a trust so a relationship and information can be shared to protect the community. al shabab is victimizing the community. let's not make the somali communities the target. >> let's talk about what is happening in the u.s. that is what peter king has talked about. the obama administration
you can. it took officers more than 90 minutes to reach anders breivik, the man accused of carrying out that attack and a bombing in oslo. his lawyer says that his client is likely insane. -- massacre of young people at a youth camp. >>> still ahead, the beginning of the end for walter reed army medical center. >> and metro fare cards are getting a temporary makeover. we will tell you what is taking their place. >> and there's a sweltering mid- week forecasts, next. >>> wednesday morning 5:09. let's find out how this day will shape up and whether there is much more relief. >> what do you have for us? >> lower humidity levels compared with the past couple days. don't get used to it. the heat and humidity will creep up on us again starting tomorrow. a degrees right now at reagan national airport. in the 60's in martinsburg cumberland, and petersburg. 77 in cumberland. heat and humidity beginning to build to the west of us. orange and red areas in the left side of the screen. high pressure over head. it's a beautiful morning and afternoon expected. quiet conditions for the next several
actions when he appears in court in a couple of hours' time. the lawyer for anders behring breivik says his client admits carrying out the car bombing in oslo and the shootings on a nearby island, but he does not believe he deserves punishment. norway is to hold a minute silence in about an hour to remember those killed in the attacks. the bbc's john graves has this report for us. >> if anders behring breivik wanted the world's attention, today he will certainly have it. in a courtroom in oslo, the 2-year-old is expected to explain what motivated him to kill nearly 100 of his countrymen. he's already told his lawyer he wanted to transform the western world. >> what he said is that he wanted a change in society and that this, in his view, in his head, must happen through a revolution. >> three days after the attacks, the final death toll isn't yet known. in the waters around the island of utoeya, searches are still continuing for those unaccounted for. the boats have been plying these waters since late on friday, but the failure to find the bodies of the last few victims is proving highl
authorities start to identify those killed in friday's attacks, as anders behring breivik bry's lawyers say he appears insane. the u.s. debt crisis sparks a war of words in washington, with the default deadline just a week away. >> pack stan and india prepare for their first significant talks since the mumbai attacks. good night, my angel, amy winehouse's father bids an emotional farewell at the singer's funeral in london. it's 9:00 a.m. here in sing pour. and 2:00 a.m. broadcasting to pbs around the world and in london, this is "news day." >> hello, and welcome. the norwegian lawyer's who's representing anders behring breivik says the self-confessed killer is probably insane. he bleaches he was fighting a war to defend the western world. they started to publish some of the names of breivik's 76 victims. from the capital, oslo, james robbins has the latest on the investigation into friday's attacks. >> the official naming of norway's dead is underway. a shocking reminder that most victims were children all very young adults. among them, a 20-year-old model and talented dancer. the youngest kil
: the attorney did his best to explain the inexplicable, why his client, anders bearing breivik massacred 76 people. >> he said it was necessary to start a war here in europe and the western world. he's sorry it was necessary but it was necessary. >> reporter: necessary, breivik argues in his online manifesto to trigger a war against muslims and immigration. >> this whole case has indicated he's insane. >> reporter: breivik's murderous rampage last value was aimed squarely at the liberal values of norway's ruling party. he bombed the government offices and high on drugs to keep himself strong and awake he drove to the island of utoyah and gunned down scores of the party's best and brightest. breivik was cold his lawyer said and asked how many people he'd killed low lipistad didn't tell him. >> he said he was part of an international organization. he said there are several cells throughout the western world. >> reporter: police are now investigating those claims. breivik meanwhile is in jail in solitary confinement, unable to see how norwegians reacted to the worst atrocity on their soil sinc
. and this is the man who says he kauched such heartbreak. anders behring breivik, a right wing extremist. that bombing targeted the heart of government, but it wasn't those in power who died. exactly how many were killed is still unclear. norway's death toll is already horrifyingly high. but there is a fear that it will rise again. many of the buildings behind me are still too unsafe to search and may contain more bodies. anders breivik says he acted alone. a one-man campaign that has left an entire nation questioning how they can move forward from here. emma murphy, itv news, oslo. >>> now here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. wedding bells rang throughout new york on sunday from the big apple to niagara falls. same-sex couples took the plunge taking advantage of landmark legislation that permits gays and lesbians to marry in the state. the first day of legalized same-sex marriages did have a few protests, but they fizzled quickly as scores of gay and lesbian couples said i do. new york is the sixth and largest state to allow same-sex marriage. >>> hundreds turned ou
just happened. anders breivik was brought to court this morning, the face of a mass killer. police described him as calm and unaffected. breivik admitted he carried out the killings but claimed he was not guilty. the judge ordered him held in custody for eight weeks, the first four in solitary confinement. an hour earlier, across norway, two minutes of silence for the victims. later, a mass in memory of the victims was canceled at the last minute, too many people came. >> i think we're trying to take the city back to show human energy after such a powerful and vicious act. >> reporter: but then, chilling news. police revealed breivik told them there were two other terror cells. in his 1,500 page manifesto posted on the internet last week, breivik wrote in 2002 he met with nine people from eight countries to map out an anti-muslim crusade. so now police are investigating. are there any more breiviks out there? breivik told his lawyer there are. >> i don't know how many countries, i don't know which countries, but there are cells in other countries. >> reporter: norwegian police say
will be in court tomorrow. we're learning more about his motive for the attack. anders behring breivik posted eight manifesto shortly before friday's car bombing and shooting rampage. 92 people are dead and that number is expected to rise. >> police in norway revealed today that anders behring breivik still had plenty of ammunition left when they are arrested him friday. this photo shows the shooter taking aim at a person apparently pleading to be scared. victim's bodies were still being recovered today. hours before the terror attacks, he posted a political manifesto on line. it ranges against muslim immigration to europe and urges cultural conservatives to embrace more dumb. he did not practice what he preaches. >> survivors of the shooting are still dazed by their brush with death. >> i could feel the warmth. >> he confessed to both attacks. >> he has admitted that he was responsible and for the killing of those people. >> his lawyer said he denies criminal responsibility. >> he thought it was gruesome having to commit the acts. and is that, they were necessary. >> the massacre has plunged norwa
into the man behind this massacre. today police interviewed anders breivik for the second time since his surrender last friday. martin fletcher has the latest from oslo. >> reporter: it was a second investigation today by the police of anders breivik, the killer. they didn't say what he said. they referred back to these first investigations, saying they were just going over old ground, and he will continue to be interrogated. they believe the actual trial won't take place until early next year, 2012. meanwhile, more details are emerging about how anders breivik did it. how in particular he got the ammunition to carry out the massacre on the island. he couldn't buy the bullets, it appears, here in norway, because you can only buy a clip with three bullets in it. that's a safety precaution they have in norway. so where did he get it? by mail order from the united states. the police today increased the number of dead, total from the bombing here in oslo and the killing on the island from 76 to 77. >> all the dead are now identified. and we are trying to get in contact with their families. >
's massacre by self-confessed killer anders breivik. today part of the main transportation center was evacuated after an abandoned suitcase was found in the area. no explosives were found inside. at the same time, though, now we are learning more about some of the victims. nbc's martin fletcher is ins a lo with more. good morning, martin. >> reporter: natalie, good morning. it's taken five days to begin releasing the names of the victi victims. so much confusion here. announced from 93 to 76, some relief, and all the while norway has been gripped by shock and confusion. here they say it flowers. oslo cathedral has been the focus of norway's grief. only now five days after the bombing and the massacre are they putting faces to the anguish. names of the victims are being released, mostly politically engaged teenagers. they say here the best of a generation. dead, a dancer, 20-year-old who made it on to norway's "got talent." 19-year-old halle, a student politician. this boy's family called him a big bear, killed trying to save his friends. some of the victims were immigrants or chil
defending anders breivik said he can't comprehend the brutality of the crime. >> i can't understand that. it's very difficult to explain because he won't explain it in a reasonable way. >> reporter: he said in all likelihood his client is insane but he says breivik may reject an insun nit plea -- insanity plea. breivik told his lawyer he used some kind of drugs to keep strong and awake during the killing spree. the 32-year-old norwegian has confessed to the mass murders saying help wanted to save europe. >> he believes he's in a war. >> reporter: the lawyer said he doesn't know why brief sprik chose him. he's a member of the labor party, the political group breivik targeted when he opened fire on teenagers at utoya island. breivik said there are two cells in nor way and several more abroad. norwegian officials are casting doubt on those claims, saying they searched and have found nothing. >> police believe breivik acted alone. >>> family and friends of amy winehouse paid their final respect s to the british assume singer. breivik's funeral was held in london. an autopsy failed to pinpoint th
killed in a massacre in norway. >> reporter: anders breivik entarred a not guilty in court. before the hearing norway paused for a moment of silence. brief sprik is accused of setting off a car bomb at the prime minister office and one of the victims said he pretended to be dead to survive. >> bullets flying, seeing people get hit by bullets next to you. >> reporter: breivik am requested a public hearing but that was denied. in the meantime it could take months for police in norway to complete their investigation. >> breivik will be held for at least eight weeks, half of that in complete isolation. >>> just over a week the united states will default on its debt. after a weekend of intense negotiations they are no closer to an agreement. we have the latest from wjz. >> reporter: lawmakers are expressing their frustration at a lack of agreement over a deal to raise the debt ceiling. >> it doesn't have to risk knocking the economy into orale tame spin. >> reporter: congressional democrats and republicans are crafting several proposals. house speaker john boehner is pushing a two-step
the norwegian coast. anders breivik has reportedly confessed to the attack and to a bombing in oslo that killed at least seven more people. he'd written a lengthy manifesto demanding an anti- muslim uprising. >>> that tragedy hits home harder for some folks in our area who survived a homegrown terror attack at virginia tech four years ago. it's why tonight they wanted to show their solidarity. fox 5's roz plater is there. >> reporter: in front of oslo cathedral a memorial to the victims of friday's tragedy is growing. the rain didn't stop hundreds of people from gathering to pay tribute to those who died in the bomb attack and island shooting spree. many brought flowers and lit candles. at least 93 people are dead and more than 90 are wounded and residents say it hits hard because they are a tight knit community. >> everybody knows each other and has some relatives. it's shocking that one person could do this. >> reporter: a world away in the d.c. region it has struck too close to home for a group of friends. they were at virginia tech four years ago when a gunman opened fire killing 32 and wou
behind the attacks. he is 32 -year-old anders breivik and an image of him is emerging clean from social services -- right-wing christian fundamentalist who might have an issue with their multicultural society. police will not confirm that he is a suspect they have in custody but do say they are cooperating with police and faces charges related to terrorism. the prime minister did not rule out the possibility there with more than one person involved. >> i have full confidence in the police. right now it is to wait on the results and draw a conclusion. it would be very wrong to jump to conclusions. we have to wait for the results of the investigation >>reporter: a second person who was carrying a knife was arrested where the prime minister was set to meet with family members. >> we have a little bit of time to talk about tomorrow. >> it is similar to what we have today, summertime. temperatures will be in the 50s to start things early on. 70s in oakland and san jose close to 80 degrees and mid- 80s inland. the fog will give way to sunshine. again, the seabreeze is about 15-20 miles per ho
. >>> police in norway destroyed bombs found at a farm rented by anders breivik. at least two were destroyed. >>> a former san francisco mayor is adding their voice to those calling on ed lee to run for mayor. she also met with mayor lee prior to this week. in recent days he has been hinting that he is considering a run. >>> some say that they are concerned that state and federal funding won't drive out. >> connect the dots and you will see that this is going to impact chinatown very unfavorably. >> they have a position to the 1.5 into a project be the project will connect the counter in station to chinatown. as spokesman todd says the project is a good shave. construction crews have started moving to any lengths to make room. >>> the debate over the national debt reached in congress today spilled out. nat county rally simply better cap income plans. they slammed the plan as "cap, cut and end medicare." they were to were to do that if the government default is real and dangerous. >>> that led to a big drop on the stock market today. tom vacar talk to a trader scene that was you to sending a
were actually blocked from this morning's court appearance by anders breivik, who reportedly wanted to explain himself for the terror attacks that he apparently killed out alone. 97 people are dead. seven people were killed at bombings and 86 people were massacred at that youth retreat. officials say he rounded up the youngsters, opened fire. they began to scatter as he continued to hunt them down and shot them. bodies were lined up along the beach, causing a lot of panicked teens to try to escape any way they could on that island. cnn's michael holmes has been covering it for us outside of that courtroom in oslo. >> reporter: the media was going to have access, even talk of a have hadio feed from the courthouse. police went to the judge, said they wanted it to be a closed hearing. why? they haven't ruled out completely that he may have had accomplices when he carried out both attack, bombing in oslo and the attack on the island on all those kids. what they said was they feared if it was broadcast and the media were in there, he would be able to send some sort of message to them on
declared a closed session for anders breivik's hearing. and he admitted police say to the explosion and shooting rampage. >>> meetings for both sides in congress are still struggling to raise the nation's debt limit and hoping to vote on legislation by the end of this week. >>> we are looking at low clouds and fog around the bay area this morning. yes, it is thick out there today. and we are going to see some drizzle out there along the coastline. some of it is inside the bay. temperatures in the 50s. by the afternoon, we will find some sunshine but you got to head further inland and the temperatures are still running below the average for this time of the year. 70s and low 80s in the warmer spots. and sunny and 60s in the bay. and 70s to the santa clara valley and 50s and 60s to the coast. and staying well below the averages. the trough is continuing to camp out along our area and that means more fog and low clouds onshore. and the temperatures are way down for this time of the year but it looks like things could change as we head to the middle and latter part of the week. numbers
group. anders breivik has confessed to the massacre. >>> norwegian norwegian police are under fire for their response to that. >>> a 16-year-old jonae boozer faces child doesn'assault and burglary charges. she was babysitting a baby and took him to northeast washington. he was not harmed. >>> in frederick county, both sides are fighting for survival in the economy. the issue of is whether the government privatizes hundreds of jobs. ben eisler explains. >> 100 people stormed winchester hall. among them, 27-year-old county employee lisa. >> it hurts your pride and everybody's morale is down. >> she feels that she could lose her house if the county privatizes her job. dozens of other residents gave the commissioner and a piece of their mind. >> i am urging all of the voters in frederick county never to vote for you again. b>> but the board president feels that they should outsource some services and that he would've never -- would never do anything to hurt the city. >> we cannot keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results. >> citizens argued privatization woul
. the attorney of the suspect says that his client is likely insane. anders breivik remained in jail tonight. police have begun to release the names of the dead. more victims are coming forward to talk about their ordeals. >> iran agitated shouting and then screaming -- i heard agitated shouting and and screaming and then gun fire. >> they shared core stories today. he added to killing more than 70 people many of them kids. police continued to investigate the claims that he had accomplices. >> this case has indicated that he is insane. >> police began releasing names of the victims. additional details, click whether he had a job. -- like whether he had a job. >> meanwhile, at the embassy in the u.s., the president signed a letter of condolence. countless others, like this man, wondered what could have then. >> i am still thinking. i hope i did -- i hope some of them are rescued still live. >> a new terror lurch from the state department this morning that al qaeda is planning attacks worldwide. osama bin laden's death increased grasp to the u.s. and the uk. authorities believe the attacks of
had been filed. >>> we are hearing more from terroreek's norway.in anders breivik pleaded not in the oslorday bombing and the massacre of teenagers and an island retreat. one survivor says he tried to get teenagers to escaped by mainland.o the >> some of them were afraid to swim. while they them begged for their lives. police have lowered the death 68. from 86 to >>> there is still no word on when 4000 furloughed faa are due back on the job. the faa lost its spending a congressast week after unable to reach a compromise on the budget. the furloughs do not involve any employees whose jobs are related to safety. but eight of the biggest did raise their ticket prices. >>> the u.s. postal service is trying to downsize. they will release a list of 36 3600 post offices that may shut down. them are in smaller communities. relocatingking at alternate locations. >>> information about a local own book toe his to purchase a service dog. did he reach his goal? >>> first, another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we will be right back. dry morningquiet, the middle atlantic
is likely insane. -- in the norway carry tax says his client is likely in saying. anders breivik admitted to committing the attacks last week. 76 people died in the rampage. he remains in jail awaiting a psychiatric evaluation. >>> the names of the jurors in the casey anthony murder trial will not be made public for three months. an orlando judge wants a cooling-off periods before releasing their names. the information will not be made available until october. earlier this month, she was acquitted and the death of her two-year-old daughter. >>> coming up, a battle for your online movie business. a well-known company wants to take on netflix. >> a well-known washington redskins says he is setting. i will tell you who it is. >> a controversial proposal in frederick county brought out more than 100 residents tonight. ♪ [ rock ] [ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ ♪ i got it, we got it ♪ [ groans ] ♪ who's got it ♪ see you later. ♪ yeah! ♪ ♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we're all different. tha
, who have been accused of responding too slowly. >> at the farm where anders breivik made his, and planned his attack, they get rea
, 32-year-old anders behring breivik is expected to appear in an oslo courtroom today. his lawyer says he plans to explain himself, he believes the massacre was, quote, horrible, but necessary. >> he's written a lot about this. it almost has unabomber-esque, you know, stuff connected to it. he's written manifestos as it were. on friday he allegedly set off a bomb near some government buildings, killing seven people, then police say he traveled 20 miles to an island youth camp in utoya, norway, killing 86 more people in a bloody ambush. >> diana mag nay live in norway. we understand everyone in norway observed a minute of silence. can you tell us what's happening now? >> hi, christine. yes, you can see just behind me, before that minute of silence, people have come to the shores of the lake where utoya is to pay their respects and to place flowers. as you say, anders behring breivik will appear in court in a couple hour's time. it's a controversial hearing in norway because a lot of people are saying this is exactly what he wanted. for him, this was just the beginning. he's got the publ
terrorist carried out a bombing and a shooting spree attack that killed 76 people. the perpetrator is anders breivik, a norwegian citizen. he detonated a bomb outside government buildings that killed eight people. he then traveled 25 miles to a summer camp organized by the ruling party of norway, the labor party, and opened fire. 68 people were killed at the island summer camp, bringing the total of citizens murdered to 76, mostly, of course, children. a 1500-pain manifesto written by breivik was published on line before the attack. he blasted the ruling labor party for to immigrate to norway. question, is anders breivik norway's timothy mcveigh or jarrod lochner. >> mcveigh. >> really, they -- unlike lochner, breivik had a philosophy. he plagiarized the man festo from the unabomber and used mcveigh's methods. he views himself as bart part of this larger movement and it's a race based sort of thing. and it's a difficult for them to determine if he's legally insane or not. lochner is obviously outs of it. but this fellow is chillingly -- when he's been questioned and all some it's a -- a more
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